Ziggy Stardust Tour 1972-1973

Ziggy Stardust Tour 1972-1973

Ziggy Stardust Tour

The band were :

David Bowie : Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Mick Ronson : Guitar, Backing Vocals
Trevor Bolder : Bass
Mick “Woody” Woodmansey : Drums
Matthew Fisher : Piano (20/04/72 – 27/05/72)
Robin Lumley : Piano (2/06/72 – 15/07/72)
Nicky Graham : Piano (1/08/72 – 7/09/72)
Mike Garson : Piano, Mellotron, Organ (22/09/72 – End of tour)
John Hutchinson : Rhythm Guitar, 12 Strings Guitar (8/04/73 – 20/04/73)
Aynsley Dunbar : Additional Drums (8/04/73 – 20/04/73)
Geoffrey A. MacCormack : Backing Vocals, Percussions (19/01/73 – End of tour)
Ken Fordham : Saxophone (19/01/73 – End of tour)
Brian Wilshaw : Saxophone, Flute (19/01/73 – End of tour)

Songs performed were (Total 43 Songs) :

Aladdin Sane / All The Young Dudes [Mott The Hoople song] / Amsterdam [Jacques Brel song] / Andy Warhol / Changes / Cracked Actor / Drive-In Saturday / Five Years / Hang On To Yourself / I Can’t Explain [The Who song] / I Feel Free [Cream song] / John, I’m Only Dancing / Lady Stardust / Let’s Spend The Night Together [The Rolling Stones song] / Life On Mars? / Love Me Do [The Beatles song] / Memory Of A Free Festival / Moonage Daydream / My Death [Jacques Brel song] / Oh! You Pretty Things / Panic In Detroit / Queen Bitch / Quicksand / Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide / Round And Round [Chuck Berry song] / Somewhere Over The Rainbow [Judy Garland song] / Song For Bob Dylan / Soul Love / Space Oddity / Starman / Suffragette City / Sweet Jane [The Velvet Underground song] / The Jean Genie / The Prettiest Star / The Supermen / The Width Of A Circle / This Boy [The Beatles song] / Time / Waiting for the Man [The Velvet Underground and Nico song] / Watch That Man / White Light White Heat [The Velvet Underground song] / Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud / Ziggy Stardust

UK Leg of the Tour
01/19 London, Royal Ballroom (Rehearsals) UK
01/29 Aylesbury, Friars Club, Borough Assembly Hall (Warm Up Show) UK
02/03 Coventry, Lancaster Arts Festival (Cancelled) UK
02/10 London, Tolworth, Fox At The Toby Jug UK
02/11 High Wycomb, High Wycomb Town Hall UK
02/12 London, Imperial College, Great Hall UK
02/23 Chichester, Chichester College UK
02/24 Wallington, Public Hall UK
02/25 Eltham, South London, Avery Hill College UK
02/26 Sutton Coldfield, Belfray Hotel UK
02/28 Glasgow, Glasgow City Hall Scotland
02/29 Sunderland, Locarno Hall UK
03/01 Bristol, Bristol University UK
03/04 Portsmouth, Guild Hall UK
03/07 Yeovil, Yeovil College UK
03/11 Southampton, Guild Hall UK
03/14 Bournemouth, Chelsea Village UK
03/17 Birmingham, Birmingham Town Hall (Cancelled) UK
04/17 Birmingham, Town Hall UK
04/20 Harlow, The Playhouse UK
04/21 Manchester, Free Trade Hall UK
04/29 High Wycomb, High Wycomb Town Hall (Cancelled) UK
04/30 Plymouth, The Guild Hall UK
05/06 London, Kingston Polytechnic UK
05/07 Hemel Hempstead, Pavilion UK
05/11 Worthing, Assembly Hall UK
05/12 London, Central Polytechnic UK
05/13 Slough, Technical College UK
05/19 Oxford, Oxford Polytechnic UK
05/20 Oxford, Oxford Polytechnic UK
05/25 Bournemouth, Chelsea Village UK
05/27 Epsom, Ebbeisham Hall UK
06/02 Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle City Hall UK
06/03 Liverpool, Stadium UK
06/04 Preston, Public Hall UK
06/06 Bradford, St George’s Hall UK
06/07 Sheffield, Sheffield City Hall UK
06/08 Middlesborough, Middlesborough Town Hall UK
06/10 Leicester, Leicester Polytechnic UK
06/13 Bristol, Colston Hall UK
06/17 Oxford, Oxford Town Hall UK
06/19 Southampton, Southampton Civic Hall UK
06/21 Dunstable, Dunstable Civic Hall UK
06/24 Guildford, Guildford Civic Hall UK
06/25 Croydon, Fox At The Greyhound UK
06/30 High Wycombe, Grammar School (Cancelled) UK
07/01 Weston-Super-Mare, Winter Gardens (Cancelled) UK
07/02 Torbay, Rainbow Pavilion UK
07/08 London, Royal Festival Hall UK
07/14 London, King’s Cross Cinema UK
07/15 Aylesbury, Friars Club, Borough Assembly Hall UK
07/18 Aylesbury, Friars Club, Borough Assembly Hall UK
08/01-14 London, Theatre Royal Stratford East (Rehearsals for Rainbow Theatre) UK
08/19 London, Rainbow Theatre UK
08/20 London, Rainbow Theatre UK
08/28 Bristol, Locarno Centre, Electric Village UK
08/31 Bournemouth, Starkers, Royal Ballroom UK
09/01 Doncaster, Top Rank Suite, St. Leger Festival UK
09/02 Manchester, Hard Rock UK
09/03 Manchester, Hard Rock (Two Shows) UK
09/04 Liverpool, Top Rank Suit UK
09/05 Sunderland, Top Rank Suit UK
09/06 Sheffield, Top Rank Suit UK
09/07 Hanley, Top Rank Suit UK
North American Leg of the Tour
09/22 Cleveland, Public Hall US
09/24 Memphis, Ellis Auditorium US
09/28 New York, Carnegie Hall US
09/29 Washington, Kennedy Centre US
10/01 Boston, Boston Music Hall US
10/07 Chicago, Public Auditorium US
10/08 Detroit, Fisher Theatre US
10/09 Indianapolis US
10/10 St Louis, Kiel Auditorium US
10/11 Kansas City, Memorial Hall US
10/15 Salt Lake City US
10/16 Chicago (Cancelled) US
10/20 Santa Monica, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium *FM broadcast US
10/21 Santa Monica, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium US
10/27 San Francisco, Winterland Auditorium US
10/28 San Francisco, Winterland Auditorium US
10/31 Seattle US
11/04 Phoenix, Celebrity Theatre US
11/11 Dallas, Majestic Theatre (Cancelled) US
11/12 Houston, Houston Music Hall (Cancelled) US
11/13 Oklahoma City (Cancelled) US
11/14 New Orleans, Lagola University US
11/17 Fort Lauderdale, Pirate’s Cove Amusement Park US
11/18 Atlanta US
11/20 Nashville, Municipal Auditorium US
11/22 New Orleans, The Warehouse US
11/23 Louisville US
11/24 Cincinnati US
11/25 Cleveland, Entertainment Arena US
11/26 Cleveland, Entertainment Arena US
11/28 Pittsburgh, The Stanley Theatre US
11/30 Philadelphia, Tower Theatre US
12/01 Philadelphia, Tower Theatre (Two Shows) US
12/02 Philadelphia, Tower Theatre (Two Shows) US
2nd UK Leg of the Tour
12/23 London, Rainbow Theatre (Two Shows) UK
12/24 London, Rainbow Theatre (Two Shows) UK
12/28 Manchester, Hard Rock (Two Shows) UK
01/05 Glasgow, Greens Pavilion (Two Shows) UK
01/06 Edinburgh, Empire Theatre UK
01/07 Newcastle, City Hall UK
01/09 Preston, Guild Hall UK
01/19-25 Tottenham, Royal Ballroom (Rehearsals) UK
2nd North Americans Leg of the Tour
02/06-13 New York, RCA Studios (Rehearsals) US
02/14 New York, Radio City Music Hall US
02/15 New York, Radio City Music Hall (Two Shows) US
02/16 Philadelphia, Tower Theatre US
02/17 Philadelphia, Tower Theatre US
02/18 Philadelphia, Tower Theatre US
02/19 Philadelphia, Tower Theatre US
02/23 Nashville, War Memorial Theatre US
02/26 Memphis, Ellis Auditorium US
02/27 Memphis, Ellis Auditorium US
03/01 Detroit, Masonic Temple Auditorium US
03/03 Chicago, Aragon Ballroom US
03/10 Los Angeles, Long Beach Auditorium US
03/11 Los Angeles, Long Beach Auditorium US
03/12 Los Angeles, Hollywood Palladium US
Japan Leg of the Tour
04/08 Tokyo, Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan Japan
04/11 Tokyo, Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan Japan
04/12 Aichi, Nagoya Kokusai Tenji Kaikan Japan
04/14 Hiroshima, Hiroshima Yubinchokin Kaikan Japan
04/16 Hyogo, Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Japan
04/17 Osaka, Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan Japan
04/18 Tokyo, Shibuya Kokaido Japan
04/20 Tokyo, Shibuya Kokaido Japan
3rd UK Leg of the Tour
05/12 London, Earl’s Court UK
05/16 Aberdeen, Music Hall (Two Shows) UK
05/17 Dundee, Caird Hall UK
05/18 Glasgow, Greens Pavilion UK
05/19 Edinburgh, Empire Theatre UK
05/20 Norwich, Theatre Royal (Two Shows) UK
05/21 Norwich, Theatre Royal (Two Shows) UK
05/22 London, Romford Odeon UK
05/23 Brighton, Brighton Dome (Two Shows) UK
05/24 London, Lewisham Odeon UK
05/25 Bournemouth, Winter Gardens UK
05/27 Guildford, Guildford Civic Hall (Two Shows) UK
05/28 Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Civic Hall UK
05/29 Hanley, Victoria Hall UK
05/30 Oxford, New Theatre UK
05/31 Blackburn, King George’s Hall UK
06/01 Bradford, St George’s Hall UK
06/02 Leeds, University (Cancelled) UK
06/03 Coventry, New Theatre UK
06/04 Worcester, Gaumont UK
06/05 Sheffield, City Hall UK
06/06 Sheffield, City Hall UK
06/07 Manchester, Free Trade Hall (Two Shows) UK
06/08 Newcastle, City Hall UK
06/09 Preston, Guild Hall UK
06/10 Liverpool, Empire Theatre (Two Shows) UK
06/11 Leicester, De Montfort Hall UK
06/12 Chatham, Central Hall (Two Shows) UK
06/13 Kilburn, Gaumont UK
06/14 Salisbury, City Hall UK
06/15 Taunton, Odeon (Two Shows) UK
06/16 Torquay, Torquay Town Hall (Two Shows) UK
06/18 Bristol, Colston Hall (Two Shows) UK
06/19 Southampton, Guild Hall UK
06/21 Birmingham, Town Hall (Two Shows) UK
06/22 Birmingham, Town Hall (Two Shows) UK
06/23 Boston, Gliderdome UK
06/24 Croydon, Farfield Hall (Two Shows) UK
06/25 Oxford, New Theatre (Two Shows) UK
06/26 Oxford, New Theatre (Two Shows) UK
06/27 Doncaster, St. Sepulchre Gate, Top Rank UK
06/28 Bridlington, Royal Spa Pavilion UK
06/29 Leeds, Rolarena (Two Shows) UK
06/30 Newcastle, Newcastle City Hall (Two Shows) UK
07/02 London, Hammersmith Odeon UK
07/03 London, Hammersmith Odeon *Official movie shooting UK